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Here at we can offer a large range of printed promotional bags at discount prices. We can print on a variety of bags including jute, cotton, PET, cool bags and paper bags. If you can’t find the bag that you are looking for please give one of our sales team a call on 0800 0842424.

Which Bag?

With the large variety of bags on offer which bag is for you? This is where our experienced sales team come in. with many years of experience in the printed promotional bag industry, they are able to help choose the right bag or product that will compliment your promotion.

Bespoke printed bags

If you can’t find the perfect bag for you on our website and after a call to us we can’t find the exact bag from our large source of off the shelf bags. Then it may be time to go bespoke! Here at cottonshoppers we can have the perfect bag for you manufactured to your exact specifications. Having a bespoke bag made will have a MOQ however. If you need a bespoke bag we are the people that can make it happen.

The environment factors of reusable bags

Now that more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious about disposable plastic bags, we at cotton realise the potential advertising benefit reusable bags give. Putting your message on a reusable cotton bag will not only give you a long lasting presence but also you have the knowledge that you are helping the environment.

The bag tax has definitely had its desired effect, and the reduction of disposable plastic bags has been huge over the last year. This is the perfect time to use this uptake in reusable bags to promote your business or brand. Because reusable bags are used over and over again the promotional benefits over the long term are very positive.